"When you buy from SisterWorks, you are buying a story as well” - Meet our Entrepreneur Manager, Emma

Emma Joyce began her SisterWorks journey as a volunteer, working as a Project Coordinator but became our new Business Manager in 2016. After a year in this role, Emma moved into the position of Entrepreneur Manager

Emma with one of our Entrepreneurs, Saida.

When did you join the SisterWorks Team?

I joined the SisterWorks team in February 2016 as a volunteer working in the Design Lab. I was drawn to SisterWorks because of the mission, values and goals of SisterWorks a line very closely with mine. Supporting vulnerable women to empower themselves through financial independence is a wonderful thing.

Describe what you do at SisterWorks in an average week?

Each and every week at SisterWorks is completely different. It is a constantly changing, hectic and exciting place to work in. Each Entrepreneur and volunteer bring with them their own skills, sense of humour and passion. Working in the Design Lab is different every day. Sometimes it is super high paced, with lots of different women working on completely different things. And other days it is very relaxing, such as when we have our group of knitters sitting around chatting and knitting together.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

The most exciting part of this job is seeing the huge smile of an Entrepreneur's face when they fill in their first invoice. The sense is elation and empowerment that this brings is inspiring.

All the women we work with have overcome different challenges on their journey to and in Australia, however, each one of them is empowered through earning an income and becoming financially independent.


And what is the biggest challenge of your job?

The biggest challenge of this job is finding the time to do everything! SisterWorks is a very high paced environment, we always have a million different things happening, we're trying to juggle production, marketing, sales and social support all in one. It's a busy, busy place, but that's why I love it.

Why do you think handmade products are becoming so popular these days?

Our world is quickly becoming a place of fast fashion, mass production and machine made products. Amongst all of this consumerism, I think people are yearning for something unique, and handmade with love. When you buy handmade products you buy something that is made with love, passion and dedication.

When you buy from SisterWorks you are buying a story as well as a product. You are supporting an individual woman on their entrepreneurial journey. I think this is something pretty special.

Could you mention us some exciting new projects or products you and the SisterWorks Entrepreneurs are working on these weeks?

SisterWorks has just started producing a great new product - Beeswax Wraps! Beeswax wraps are a sustainable, waste free alternative to plastic cling wrap. They can be used to wrap sandwiches, cheese, fruit and veggies. They are made from 100 % recycled cotton, locally sourced beeswax, jojoba oil and pine resin. The combination of these ingredients makes a long-lasting, antibacterial wrap that is perfect for keeping food fresh! And of course, they are handmade with love and passion by our SisterWorks Entrepreneurs. They are available now in store and online!

Which SisterWorks label products are your personal favourite ones and why?

My favourite SisterWorks label products are our beautiful vanilla scented candles, our hand-stamped tea towels and our sensory bell balls. These products can be made by any of our amazing Entrepreneurs, so purchasing them supports the entrepreneurial journey of many women.