Lak, Sri Lanka

Lak paints whimsical portraits

  • Lak paints whimsical portraits
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My name is Lak, I am from Sri Lanka! Initially, my husband came here to Australia, and I joined him in 2014. I am a Charted Marketer and was working as an Account Director at Ogilvy Action (now known as Geometry Global) in Sri Lanka. I have an MBA and total work experience of 15 years in Advertising/Brand Management and I really enjoyed it.

 I decided to change my career from marketing to an illustrator/ artist before I settled down in Australia since there is a direct culture deviation between Australia and Sri Lanka. Therefore, even though I am qualified in the advertising profession I don’t have a competitive advantage in finding similar kind of work here. So as soon as I moved to Australia I started sketching and getting into art and developing my own style of illustrations and undertaking commissioned work. I had more time to pursue this, also it was also an escape for me.

I haven’t had any formal artistic training, but my mother is an artist and my father is an art enthusiast and I was brought up in an environment surrounded by arts. I have inherited arts from my mother.

At first, I felt very isolated living in Melbourne. I am a people person, and I am so used to working with a group – we did a lot of teamwork and traveling at my previous job. Then I found myself at home alone all day, it was heartbreaking.

My husband is the one who introduced me to SisterWorks. Having seen the work in SisterWorks and knowing my talent he suggested that I take a look.

SisterWorks empowering liked minded ladies from all over the world has given me a sense of belongings to perform and network. I am able to expand my teaching skills into students all over Melbourne. I run art classes and workshops through SisterWorks, as well as at home. Most recently ran a workshop, named ‘fantasy girl’, where students drew abstract pictures of women. I have several other workshops planning in the pipeline for the coming year.

Art is a reflection of my own imagination. I'm inspired by everyday life moments. I have various types of art using acrylic, oil, and mixed mediums. I draw personalized caricatures or more natural portraits by transferring people into joyful expressions, storyboard concepts, landscapes, Australian native florals, and abstract paintings. As well as art depicting my own culture. I do make gifts to order, such as for birthdays, anniversaries and cards for all occasions. I also make art designs for t-shirts!
I recently won three prizes at the Whittlesea Agricultural Society, first prize for my work depicting a youth’s dream land, as well as best exhibit and third prize for an oil painting of a King Protea, a native Australian flower.
With my art, I want to spread a smile, for anybody to be happy when they see my work.        
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