Mary Lambert, Sri Lanka

    Mary is in a good mood when she works on her business

  • Mary sews accessories and greeting cards
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    I am a Tamil woman, and have lived in Australia for 7 years. My husband works full time, so I was isolated in the house for long periods of time. This isolation stunted my language improvement and my opportunities in Australia.

    That's why I began to look for a way to spend my time and also create extra income for my family back home.
    Mary makes baby blankets with the help of her mentor Emily

    I was first introduced to SisterWorks through my social worker in early 2016. Soon afterwards, I began participating in a shared project with them. Through my commitment to this shared project, I earned $375 in my very first month!

    ​I am now in a design exploration stage together with Design Mentor, Emily. We identified three different prototypes focused on stitching and using market research, so we could choose the style most appealing to the mass market.

    ​My designs are now available in the SisterWorks Shop and are being developed further; with a focus on cost and time efficiency.

    I initially selected a product that has a unique point of difference to what is already being sold in the SisterWorks Shop; a padded glasses case that can also be used as a pencil case.

    My first items have already sold in the SisterWorks Shop. And I have produced two new styles since. My colour choice and quality is improving with each item.

    Mary is an entrepreneur in Melbourne who handsews gorgeous products
    I am also happy to be a part of the roster, learning how to perform sales in a shop with the best Australian standards. Initially I felt nervous about my language skills and ability to communicate with customers but I quickly learnt that with a smile and openness you can connect with anyone.

    Now I am working on creating two baby blankets, one is complete and the other is a work in progress.

    I launched my new design at the reopening of the SisterWorks shop in Richmond. I have collaborated with my mentor Emily on the design, and have focused on production myself. I will soon start a new project sewing baby bibs, again collaborating with my mentor!