Pamela Mujica, Chile

    Pamela is starting her own business and supporting herself and her family

  • Pamela makes jewellery
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    I  first came to Australia in 1996. I was introduced to SisterWorks by two sisters (Maria Alejandra and Anita). I had a mentor (Shalini) who helped me focus when I felt confused about doing too many crafts projects at the beginning. She helped me to decide: which skills I did best and continue with it.
    I learned to develop my own style. I use fabric and beads in my jewellery, but the  crochet wire is the style that has given me the most satisfaction. 
    When I first began selling in markets, my mind went blank, which is funny, because in Chile I used to talk in front of a big audience, but I found hard to sell my own jewellery. 
    A SisterWorks volunteer taught me how to talk to people because the idea was to sell my products.  One have to know how to sell them, one must have the passion of talking about what you do so people pay attention and understand how is done.

    Now I ’m going to markets more often and it has been an excellent experience. You meet lots of people, my English has improved, and at the same time met new contacts, learn new ways of selling your products like selling online. All this and more is what SisterWorks has done for me.
    I have been developing my jewellery using new materials and techniques like the peruvian stitch.
    I am using fine silver wire 999.9 which is not only suitable for people with sensitive skin but refines my products. Additionally, I use copper, silver plated and non-tarnish wire, lapizlazuli and semi-precious stones. When I first started making jewellery I used fabric and cotton thread, and I have reincorporated these elements into my new designs. 

    I continue to sell my jewellery at SisterWorks, markets, Global Sisters, Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery, Space2be,  Bini Gallery and lately in Mona Vale, Sydney. I was also contacted through Instagram to take part in RAW event; a platform where independent artists can showcase their skills and work. This provides me with a good opportunity to travel and sell my products in diverse locations. 

    I want to continue building up my online brand, developing my Instagram and marketing skills. Also developing my work and taking jewellery classes in order to improve my skills.
    In the future, I see myself selling my products either online and in stores, but also helping a group of ladies to become entrepreneurs.