Learn unique skills from SisterWorks Entrepreneurs. Book a ticket to an internal workshop with SisterWorks or hire a SisterWorks Entrepreneur to run an external workshop for you. 

Internal Workshops

Internal Workshops at run at SisterWorks in Richmond. These workshops provide you with the opportunity to learn unique skills from SisterWorks Entrepreneurs. 

- Current Workshops -

- Aluminium Jewellery Workshop taught by Victoria from Tanzania.

You will be taught how to make cut shapes out of sheets of aluminium material, then how to finish your design to be fashioned into pendants for necklaces or earrings, or even joined together shapes to create a bracelet. Click on the "View Product" button below for more information about this workshop and your teacher!




- Beginners Knitting Workshop taught by Ana Maria from Chile.

Beginners knitting workshop with basics on how to knit either a scarf or beanie. Click on the "View Product" button below for more information about this workshop and your teacher!



External Workshops

Many SisterWorks Entrepreneurs love to share their skills with others. At the moment we have jewellery making, weaving, art and African dance workshops available. Workshops are suitable for people of all ages!

We can customise workshops based on the timeframe that you have available. For example, we can run one session or multiple workshops over several sessions. 

In the jewellery making, weaving and art workshops participants will leave the workshop with a finished product that they can take home and enjoy. 

  • African dance workshops are generally half an hour and cost $150.00 plus GST. 
  • Jewellery and weaving workshops are generally 2-3 hours and cost $300.00 plus GST for one Entrepreneur and up to 20 participants and $450.00 plus GST for two Entrepreneurs and over 20 participants. 

Material costs are additional. Prices for art workshops vary depending on the length of the workshop and the style of art that is being taught. 

To find out more and to book a workshop for your next event email