Beginners knitting workshop with Ana Maria

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Beginners knitting workshop with Ana Maria

Regular price $50.00

Beginners knitting workshop with basics on how to knit either a scarf or beanie. 

Join us for a 2,5-hour class from 10 am - 12:30 pm on Saturday the 9th of September, at SisterWorks' design lab on 323 Swan St, Richmond (get directions).

The cost of the workshop is $50 per student and includes the cost of all materials (200 g 100% wool ball & knitting needles).

Class Schedule:

  • This workshop will run for 2,5 hours on Saturday the 9th of September from 10 am - 12:30 pm.

Workshop includes:

  • Beginners knitting tutorial

  • Techniques to create a beanie for an adult or child

  • Beanie and scarf pattern supplied

About your teacher:

I’m Ana, I’m from Chile. I have five children living in Chile, and one is here in Australia. When I came to Australia in 2013, as a tourist, I met a man. He promised me a wonderful life for my children, so I married him, and had a child. However, my husband was a terrible man. One winter night he left my son, Joseph and me on the side of the road. I had nowhere to go.

This was a terrible time. But luckily, a friend, Ana, introduced me to Luz. SisterWorks has helped me for the rest of my life. Luz helped me become strong and independent. This is best for me.

Now, I crochet beanies. I make them out of cotton and alpaca wool, for children and adults. I can make five beanies a day. I knit all day, and make these beanies with love! 

My dream is for all my children to live with me in Australia. I have a good life here, but it is expensive to apply for my children’s visas, and to pay for their airfare. That’s a lot of beanies!

Read Ana Maria's full story here:

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