Jewellery Making Workshop with Victoria
Jewellery Making Workshop with Victoria
Jewellery Making Workshop with Victoria
Jewellery Making Workshop with Victoria
Jewellery Making Workshop with Victoria
Jewellery Making Workshop with Victoria

SisterWorks Inc

Jewellery Making Workshop with Victoria

Regular price $50.00

What You Will Learn

  • How to make jewellery out of aluminium
  • How to design your own earrings
  • How to create a concept

What You Get

  • Learn how to work metal into wearable pieces of jewellery.
  • Learn jewellery making and finishing techniques.
  • Skills to make a pair of earrings and a necklace.
  • Walk away with three pieces of your own jewellery valued at $20 each.
  • Meet and learn about Victoria's personal journey from refugee camp to a successful business woman in Australia.


Aluminium Jewellery Workshops are taught by Victoria from Tanzania.

You will be taught how to make cut shapes out of sheets of aluminium material, then how to finish your design to be fashioned into pendants for necklaces or earrings, or even joined together shapes to create a bracelet.

Victoria is is a friendly and warm person, and she very much looks forward to meeting her new students and having fun with you as you explore your creativity in jewellery making.

Direction: SisterWorks' design lab on 323 Swan St, Richmond (get directions).

The cost of the workshop is $50 per student and includes the cost of all materials and your 3 finished pieces of jewellery.

About your teacher

My name is Victoria, I am from Tanzania. In Tanzania, I did farm work and started a family. I have been here in Australia for 9 years now. My family and I moved to Australia because my husband’s family was here. Moving here was difficult for me because I had to leave my family.

I came to SisterWorks in October 2016 and began working on the design and production of my jewellery. I have cut up shapes from metal and paint and stamp them, and am figuring out how to incorporate these shapes into my designs so that my products will sell well in the SisterWorks shop and at markets. 

SisterWorks is a not-for-profit social enterprise.

SisterWorks supports women who are migrants, asylum seekers or refugees to become financially independent and happily settled in Australia. The women that SisterWorks works with are the most vulnerable migrants. They have been marginalised due to a lack of identity, language barriers, lack of western culture knowledge, poor employment skills and being the carers of their families. They face long-term unemployment which exacerbates social issues. With ongoing support, this vulnerability can be lifted and not become a lifetime issue. We believe that Work Empowers Women and our aim is to support as many women as possible to move into work.